Connect group in summer season!!


Our church service was awesome on Sunday.

Great worship!


A poweful message from God!


And our summer Connect Group season is starting in June.


We have two types of Connect Groups, Bible focused and Community focused.

Bible Focused Connect Groups are where people can learn how to understand the Bible and the amazing life God has prepared for us through key principles such as Journaling, Simple Prayer, and keeping a Clean Heart (forgiveness).

Community Focused Connect Groups are where people can gather around a shared interest and enjoy community.
We have a variety of these, from sports, Mom’s groups, worker’s groups, lunch groups and all are ever growing.

Come and join a connect group that suites you interest.
We look forward to seeing you!


<Next week>
6/2 11am
Rembrandt Hotel Ebina
Ebina Station
Odakyu Line / JR Sagami Line