SUNDAY 12/8 – An Atsugi Family Christmas


Welcome to our “Family Christmas”!

Come join us for a service with Christmas songs and media with a warm Christmas message!

There will be free Treats and Hot Chocolate for all.

There will be professional photos taken which you can use for Christmas!

We can’t wait to celebrate Christmas with you and your family!

Summer Events!!


Hello! How are you doing?

Our church service was awesome on Sunday!



Spending time with God and our church family encouraged, and empowered us!


Do you have plans this summer?
Are you traveling or going back to your hometown?

If you haven’t made any plans yet, please check out our summer events.
We will host events after Sunday service this month!

Let’s enjoy the summer events together!


Every month during the summer season we have beach BBQ and Baptism.

It was cancelled last month due the typhoon, but we will have Beach BBQ twice in August (August 3rd and August 24th).
Please come to join us with your friends and family!



<Next week>
8/4 11am
Rembrandt Hotel Ebina
Ebina Station
Odakyu Line / JR Sagami Line



Beach BBQ& Baptisms!!



It is rainy season in Japan now and although we haven’t seen clear skies in a while everyone at our church is happy!


The word of God given on Sunday gave us so much power and energy!



This Saturday, we are having our monthly summer Beach BBQ and Baptism event at Tsujido Kaihin park.


Our church have Baptisms event at the beach during summer season!

Don’t miss out on such an amazing experience!

Let’s enjoy our international BBQ party and wonderful baptism event together!


<Next week>
6/30 11am

Rembrandt Hotel Ebina
Ebina Station
Odakyu Line / JR Sagami Line



Connect group in summer season!!


Our church service was awesome on Sunday.

Great worship!


A poweful message from God!


And our summer Connect Group season is starting in June.


We have two types of Connect Groups, Bible focused and Community focused.

Bible Focused Connect Groups are where people can learn how to understand the Bible and the amazing life God has prepared for us through key principles such as Journaling, Simple Prayer, and keeping a Clean Heart (forgiveness).

Community Focused Connect Groups are where people can gather around a shared interest and enjoy community.
We have a variety of these, from sports, Mom’s groups, worker’s groups, lunch groups and all are ever growing.

Come and join a connect group that suites you interest.
We look forward to seeing you!


<Next week>
6/2 11am
Rembrandt Hotel Ebina
Ebina Station
Odakyu Line / JR Sagami Line





Easter Sunday!



This past Sunday was Easter Sunday!
Easter is the day we remember Jesus Christ resurrection.
We celebrated together at Lifehouse Atsugi.

There was powerful worship, a message that encouraged us greatly and a fun egg hunt for kids!
After the service, we continued our Easter celebration by enjoying delicious sweets and coffee together.
We really had a great time!


And finally! Lifehouse Conference 2019 is coming soon!

It will be held in Tokyo on Saturday May 4th.
Please check the website for details.


See you at church on Sunday!

We look forward to seeing you there!


<Next week>
4/28 11am
Rembrandt Hotel Ebina
Ebina Station
Odakyu Line / JR Sagami Line



Lifehouse Conference 2019!


How have you been everyone?

Our church service was awesome on Sunday!
The great message of God encouraged us a lot!


Finally! The registration of Lifehouse Conference 2019 has started!

This years conference will be held for three days in three different cities.
Hong Kong on May 1st, Osaka on May 3rd and Tokyo on May 4th!


The conference theme for 2019 is ”OVERFLOW”!!

It’s easy to sign up for  conference♪

【EASY! sign up for Confrerence】
Sign up EASY! from the Lifehouse App now!🎉


Come out and experience what God has for you at this years conference!


<Next week>
3/17 11am
Rembrandt Hotel Ebina
Ebina Station
Odakyu Line / JR Sagami Line








Happy New Year!!


Happy New Year!!

2019 has started!!

How is 2019 going to be?
Are you excited for what will happen to you this year?

Remember to put God first in all you do this year!
Don’t forget to keep your heart clean!

(Ephesians 4:26-27) “In your anger do not sin”: Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, (27) and do not give the devil a foothold.


Our events this month will be fun!
We will celebrate Coming of Age day on Sunday January 13th.
Let’s have a good time together with friends becoming 20 years old!

We will have our service at the & Village on January 13th.


On January 20th, it will be Vision Sunday!
Ps. Rod our senior pastor from Lifehouse Tokyo will be giving us the Vision Sunday message.


We are looking forward to seeing you!


<Next week >
1/13 11am
& Village

Christmas Season!!


We had a good time together at church on Sunday!

The service at our church always starts with wonderful worship!!

Our worship team is awesome!!


Next month starts the Christmas season!
We have some Christmas events happening in December at Lifehouse Atsugi.

On Dec. 16th, we will have an International Christmas Lunch!!
It will be held at the &Village.
Let’s enjoy Christmas lunch together!


There will be a Christmas Carols service on Dec. 23rd.
Let’s celebrate and sing Christmas songs together♪
We will have a professional photographer taking free photos with Santa.

Please come join us with your family and friends!
We are looking forward to seeing you!


<Next week>
12/2 11am
Okura Frontier Hotel Ebina
Ebina Station
Odakyu Line / JR Sagami Line




Use what you are given


How was your weekend?

Many people were coming to our church even though the big tyhoon was coming.

Japan is the one of the richest countries in the world.
God gave each of us many things.
The things God gave us is not same.
Each of us has the different talents, gifts, and abilities.
It is a waste not to use what you were given!

Let’s use what you have and shere the happiness with everyone!

There are many chances to use what you are good at and you like!
These are our dream team!

Worship team!

Welcome team!

Media team!

Kid’s church team!

And there are Cafe team, Setup team and more!
If you are interested in joining our dream team, please visit the next steps corner at the church.

You have many chances to use your gifts!

For whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance.
(Matthew 25:29 NIV)


<Next week>
10/7 11am
Okura Frontier Hotel Ebina
Ebina Station
Odakyu Line / JR Sagami Line



At the end of Summer


How are you doing everyone?

It was a great summer at our church!
We had a good time together.

There was the Beach BBQ & Baptism events at Tsujido Beach Park!

The Lifehouse Conference was held in Roppongi in August.
Many people gathered from all over Japan!

We enjoyed a summer festival at Lifehouse Atsugi Church.
People were wearing Japanese Yukata!


Summer is almost over, but we will have a Beach BBQ & Baptism event at Tsujido Beach Park on September 22th.
Let’s have a great time together at the end of summer!


Our service is held at 11am every Sunday at Okura Frontier Hotel Ebina.
If you are coming to our church for the first time you are always welcome!
Please come and join us!

<Next week>
9/9 11am
Okura Frontier Hotel Ebina
Ebina Station
Odakyu Line / JR Sagami Line